Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

We value data to generate impact on your business

Who we are

Svelto! is a startup specializing in Machine Learning and models AI-based predictors.
Our mission is to give value to data to generate business impact. We do this by acting on three key elements:

  1. Data Governance and Cloud: we design the most effective strategy of reorganization of the data and the operating model to maximize its value by adopting the most modern cloud solutions;
  2. Machine Learning and AI: we develop predictive models to support strategic decisions and building a "data driven" decision-making culture;
  3. End-to-End Tailoring Development: we develop complete solutions tailored to millimeter on customer needs.

We have developed solutions for

PWCGiorgio ArmaniOpen FiberEdisonGiorgio ArmaniMultipartnerZero12Giorgio ArmaniGiorgio ArmaniUnibasMonclerMiroglio GroupBalenciagaIntesa SanpaoloSopharmaOnly the BraveTecniplastDigital LighthousePublisysTabGeocart

Our products

Carosello logo
Carosello is an engagement platform with many features: by defining various kinds of rewards (products, services, subscriptions, experiences, concert tickets) it is possible to create marketing campaigns with which to build customer loyalty and attract new ones, increase brand visibility, involve employees. It is also possible to manage events - online and offline - in a simple and intuitive way. Go to product
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The most advanced platform designed to support universities and research institutions in self-assessment and performance measurement activities in research. Criterium implements the national models adopted by ANVUR (National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research) to allow universities to study their positioning in national evaluation campaigns. Go to product
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The tool that allows you to make the labeling phase of large amounts of data fast and efficient, reducing time, costs and errors in the activities aimed at creating machine learning models.Go to product
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Software Boutique
This is the service we offer to our customers with specific needs for highly customized software developmentContact us

Completed Projects

Machine Learning predictive models

EnergyTool for forecasting the production of renewable energy
TechApplication for forecasting the demand for fiber in Italian territorial areas
Smart DevicesSolution for the recognition of events of interest on the basis of environmental sounds
AutomotiveSolution for predictive maintenance and fault detection
MarketingEngagement platform for data collection and customer segmentation

Case studies