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About us

We are a spin-off of the research group in data management at University of Basilicata. Our startup is specialized in software development, big-data management and analytics.

We have put together a young and thriving development team, lead primarily by PhDs. Our mission is to foster technology transfer, and to put our know-how to the service of companies and organizations that are looking for cutting-edge software and data-management solutions.

We embrace the culture of agile development. We believe that software needs to adapt to change, and we believe in short release cycles and continuous acceptance tests by our clients. We also pursue the latest technologies in software development, both on Web, desktop, and mobile platforms

Our Services

Digital Transformation is not only a technological shift, but an organizational change at the intersection of technology, business and people. Svelto! has developed high consultancy and development skills usefull for your organization

The Software Factory

We value software development very highly, to the point that we pride ourselves to be called a software-development boutique

Big-Data Analytics

We capitalize twenty years of know how in big data management, with a focus on machine learning, data mining, and data exploration

Digital Transformation

We come from research, and therefore technology transfer and innovation represent the third pillar of our mission

Our Products


    Carosello is the customer engagement platform developed by Svelto!: it seamlessly allows companies to create marketing campaigns centered around rewards (products, services, subscriptions, experiences, concert tickets, books, etc.) in order to: retain customers and attract new ones, foster brand engagement, maintain consistency through corporate touch points, both online and offline.


    In a machine learning process, labeling big datasets takes time and effort, and human labor is expensive. That"s why we developed DAIMO: semi-automated tool explicitly conceived to support the labeling phase of machine-learning projects reducing time, costs and errors. DAIMO provides a set of unique features that set it apart from the other ones.

  • Diogene-CT

    STEM Education focuses on building the skills to solve real-life problems using a mixture of technology, science and logic, and the best way to teach how to integrate technology and logic is to teach to Code. Diogene-CT is a code visualization environment developed by Svelto! that stands a new paradigm called ACME (“Code Animation by Evolved Metaphors”): we developed consistent visual metaphors for both procedural and object-oriented programming to teach computer programming in secondary schools and university first-year courses: learn more here.

  • Detective Gadgets

    Entity Resolution is the process of identifying which of the records in a data collection refer to the same entity of the real world. As the volume and velocity of data grow, inference across semantic relationships between entities becomes increasingly difficult: this is a substantial barrier to organizations" ability to fully understand their data and use it for predictive analytics to optimize targeting, thresholding and resource management. Detective Gadget is an innovative tool, developed by Svelto!, for solving entity-resolution tasks also in presence of dirty data in a fast and secure way: learn more here.

  • Flutter Gadgets

    Flutter Gadgets is a Dart / Flutter library that provides an easy way to manage global state in your application. By using a simple, reliable way to store and manage your data, it enables developers to build Flutter apps focusing only on what really matters.

Case Histories

Look at all our Case Histories, find out who we collaborated with and what we have achieved for our customers.

We have developed solutions for

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Selected technologies

We like technology, and strive to keep up with cutting-edge solutions. Following is a selection of platforms and tools we develop with

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Google Cloud
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